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29 Oct

6 HR Tasks That You Must Automate with Nock For Your Organization

Nock is a cutting-edge digital solution for all your time and attendance needs. It is mindfully designed to surpass the basic function of merely logging employee punctuality. Nonetheless, this intelligent time solution allows you to schedule tasks, issue reminders, monitor website/app usage, generate thorough reports, and much more. Thus, yielding inundated opportunities for your organization to leverage flexible work to increase its productivity.  This text below carries a summary of six HR-specific tasks that you must instantly automate with Nock. 

Task # 1: Employee Information Management

Safekeeping important organizational and employee data is one of the key responsibilities of your HR staff. Therefore, managing everything from applications, employee documents/IDs, job descriptions, salary statements, declarations, and any other document, is HR's jurisdiction. Safely handling, sorting and storing these documents is not only time consuming but very tiring also. If done manually, the organization has to dedicate special personnel for this task. Luckily, there is Nock to your rescue. It acts as a repository for your important data, enables you to upload documents from any location at any time. Even your employees are empowered enough to upload and view their information. This eco-friendly, data management solution saves you time and money in addition to offering instant data retrieval feature. This frees your HR staff to focus on building a better organizational experience.

Task # 2: Employee Onboarding

Let's admit, onboarding is neither exciting nor a very productive phase. It involves extensive paperwork and getting acquainted with employee tools, but the importance of this phase should not be undermined.  Onboarding determines the effectiveness of your hiring process. It is the first step towards employee retention. However, you can automate your onboarding process using Nock. In addition to enabling traditional onboarding goals, it also helps in acquainting the new hire with your organization’s cultural aspects. So, they feel more welcomed and an equal part of the organization. Nock can also aid in pre-onboarding, offering the new hire remote access to the information portal.

Task # 3: Attendance & Leave Management

Time tracking is equally important to everyone in the organization. For an employer, an effective time-tracking must ensure that they are getting maximum productivity from each employee during each workday. Effective time tracking for employees means that they are getting paid for every second they work. Ensuring the effectiveness of your organization’s time efforts is your HR department's job. Using Nock will help you in efficient tracking of employees' attendance. It will also enable employees to plan their leaves ahead of time and get HR's approval.

Task # 4: Scheduling

Scheduling has organization-wide scope and applicability. It is equally important for the employees, managerial staff, and the HR team. Nock allows you to schedule all your tasks, projects and meetings in advance. So you can make sure that there is no room for resentment over unfinished or forgotten assignments. For HR-specific tasks, the scheduling feature can be used to plan and schedule interviews, appraisal meetings, training sessions. The system's inbuilt capability will generate various reminders so that you don't miss anything. Secondly, scheduling your tasks manually is error-prone as you may end up booking two interviews for the same time slot. Nock's scheduling tool follows a multi-tier approach, which ensures you are always on your A-game. With Nock, you start by identifying available time, schedule high-priority tasks, plan essential tasks, then move to contingency time.

Task # 5: Performance Management

Performance management is not just a task, it is an ongoing process. From defining goals and expectations, monitoring and reviewing performance, to providing feedback, everything has to be connected. Nock ensures that all this data is in a single place and visible to all parties including the top management. Moreover, the tool's ability to generate detailed reports helps the HR staff in making informed, data-driven decisions. This ensures that the evaluation is bias-free and in line with the company policies. It is called an intelligent tool for a reason: it also highlights performance discrepancies offering a clear path for the employee to follow to improve their future performance.

Task # 6: Communication 

Communication is one of the most important HR functions. You have devised sound policies and procedures, your job profiles are thorough, and you offer extraordinary incentives. But what good can they bring if they are not communicated to the staff? Therefore, having an automated tool, like Nock, that supports organization-wide communication is vital. Nock ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. Having an automated communication channel also ensures that all correspondence is acknowledged by the employees, eliminating all chances of ambiguity. With Nock, you can also instantly communicate guidelines, impart training and other development programs that the employees can schedule to partake in the time they see fit. This cuts the organizational costs for conducting training sessions. More importantly, the flexibility that comes with ensures that each employee gets the opportunity to advance their skillset.


HR automation has befuddled the organizational scene with an instant impact. No one can detach the human aspect associated with human resource practices. But the technological development, for sure, has eliminated the bias attached and improved the efficiency of processes by eliminating the paperwork involved. Therefore, modern organizations seeking effective, agile, and judicious HR processes are opting for solutions intelligent solutions like Nock.  It is suitable for several industries including, but not limited to, hospitals, retail, universities, manufacturing. See what our customers are saying about us.

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