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6 Nov

Why having digital attendance system is mandatory - 10 Features

With the onset of the digital revolution, the global business landscape has become extremely unpredictable. As a result, increasing a business's bottom line has turned out to be tremendously challenging. Businesses – big and small – are therefore coming up with innovative ways to yield growth despite the challenges posed by an overly dynamic and competitive environment.

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5 Nov

Time and Attendance Management Challenges in an Organization

The advancement of technology, modern work dynamics, and the need for workforce diversity is increasing the challenges associated with employee attendance. Managing employee attendance is indeed a multifaceted task. It is not only about tracking and recording employee attendance, but also using the recorded data to maximize the value of your employee's work. Such systems also possess the capability of monitoring how and how much employees work during a given period of time. This information, if interpreted and utilized properly, can do wonders for your organization.

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4 Nov

How to Prevent Time Theft in the Workplace?

Workplace dynamics are changing rapidly. Easy access to the internet, flexible work hours, and an ever-increasing number of a mobile workforce constitute modern work scene. As a result, employee time theft has emerged as a stumbling block for employers across the globe. Logging a few minutes late, escaping early, spending time on the internet, and socializing may not mean such a big deal to the employees. But can really add up as a liability for your business. Employee theft costs much more than the surface view of the problem.  According to a study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, approximately 75% of all employees steal from work in some way, and about 30% of all corporate bankruptcies are a direct result of employee theft.

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3 Nov

How To Incorporate Work Flexibility Without Affecting Productivity?

Gone are the days when people were oblivious from the bliss of enjoying their jobs. The younger workforce, otherwise known as the millennials are cognizant of their employee rights and attach substantial importance to these factors. Unlike their ancestral counterparts, who spent their entire lives tied to a single job whether they liked it or not. These millennials leave the jobs they don't like and strive for a more flexible outlook.

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2 Nov

How to Improve Employees Attendance & Motivate Them

Every now and then, companies make headlines by going out of their way and encourage employees to take some time away from work. This time off, helps them recuperate from their problems and they also come back with rejuvenated morale. It is, however, equally important for a company to ensure that taking time off doesn’t become a habit.

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1 Nov

How Digital Attendance System Increases Workforce Efficiency

Being a business owner in this modern age has become extremely difficult as everything in your surroundings is spun around change. Trends and technologies change within the blink of an eye. So, what do smart business owners do? They are constantly in search of tools to optimize their business processes.

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31 Oct

Attendance Management System – How to Choose One for Your Organization

Attendance management systems are the key to maximizing your workforce productivity and achieving broader organizational goals. These modern, time-keeping tools offer comprehensive attendance management solutions. Their hi-end features include managing employee time log, leave management, employee information management and much more. You can choose a solution corresponding to the type and size of your organization. However, before we dig deeper into the advanced features of digital attendance and time management systems let us first explain.

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30 Oct

7 Common Human management Challenges Faced By Every HR

In contrast to the common belief, HR professionals have rather intricate and highly demanding job profiles. Your HR department is not only accountable for their performance but that of the entire organization.  They handle the past, present, and future of an organization. Here we sum, some of the most common HR challenges.

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29 Oct

6 HR Tasks That You Must Automate with Nock For Your Organization

Nock is a cutting-edge digital solution for all your time and attendance needs. It is mindfully designed to surpass the basic function of merely logging employee punctuality. Nonetheless, this intelligent time solution allows you to schedule tasks, issue reminders, monitor website/app usage, generate thorough reports, and much more. Thus, yielding inundated opportunities for your organization to leverage flexible work to increase its productivity.  This text below carries a summary of six HR-specific tasks that you must instantly automate with Nock. 

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1 may

Introducing Team Reports

Get quick and accurate insight into your team efforts. Drill down into detail to see there timesheets. Export and download your timesheets as a spreadsheet. Invaluable for your accounting needs.

1 may

Cloud based attendance system

Nock is an intelligent, cloud based attendance system that helps you get rid of legacy hardware & manual attendance registers by turning your smartphone into an attendance device. You can use the Nock app to track attendance of your employees, students, or any other user across multiple locations without the hassles or inconveniences of conventional devices. Say goodbye to long queues, hardware malfunctions and manually analysing attendance data. Nock offers the following features:

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Smart Attendance System

Track Attendance anywhere anytime