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2 Nov

How to Improve Employees Attendance & Motivate Them

Every now and then, companies make headlines by going out of their way and encourage employees to take some time away from work. This time off, helps them recuperate from their problems and they also come back with rejuvenated morale. It is, however, equally important for a company to ensure that taking time off doesn’t become a habit.

Absenteeism is extremely costly: each year companies lose magnanimous sums to absenteeism. This loss has a compounding impact. It also demotivates other personnel whose jobs are affected by a colleague's absence and results in an overall loss of productivity. For employers, it is very tedious to deal with unforeseen days off. Re-designating important tasks, rescheduling client meetings, etc., become extremely challenging when employees call in suddenly.

It is, for that matter, extremely important for managers and company owners to discourage excessive absenteeism. And come up with unique ways to keep their workforce motivated and maintain consistent attendance.

Let's look at a few things that can be done to improve attendance in the workplace:

Promote Health and Wellness among Your Employees

Emphasize the importance of good health, encourage your employees to invest their time and energies in their health. The company, in this regard, may offer subsidized memberships to sports clubs or gyms, organize sports tournaments within the organization, etc.

Encourage Cohesion and Team Bonding

Humans are social animals that is why, fellow employees and work environment play an important role in encouraging an employee to maintain solid attendance. No one wants to come to work just for the sake of work. The nature of projects they are working on, their relationship with their teammates, and the personality of their supervisor also play an important role in motivating employees to come to work.

Invest In the Ambiance of Your Office

Nobody likes to spend a significant part of their day working in a dim and dingy area. Offer your workforce a healthy work environment with well-lit work stations and an inviting lunch/break zones to help them feel comfortable at work.

Offer Flexible Work Options

Most of us have families and the responsibilities that come with it. And research has proven the effectiveness of flexible work options in reducing absenteeism and tardiness, in such cases. Options, such as flexible hours, flex schedule, and telecommuting to work are known to lower costs for the employer, and simultaneously improve productivity.

Establish a Clear Attendance Policy

Have a clear policy that employees must follow before taking time off of work. The policy must include clauses like directly contacting their supervisor or someone in authority to inform about their absence; providing a notice of their absence within a specified time period; the nature of leave and expected return date; as well as the requirement to provide evidence of illness.

Acknowledge Positive Behavior

Offer rewards and incentives to employees exhibiting positive attendance. They may be recognized with a certificate or a mention at a company function. Small tokens like company-sponsored lunch, displaying their pictures, or a small token of appreciation is enough to motivate other employees.

Punish Excessive Absenteeism

Set a precedent by taking punitive action against those violating the attendance policy. Find a way to make sure that all employees find about the outcome of poor attendance. This will encourage employees who take their attendance seriously and discourage future reprobates.

Offer Leave Encashment and Leave Carryover Options

Allowing employees to carry forward unused off days into the next year encourages them to opt for planned vacations instead of taking spontaneous days off. This way the management has the liberty to make substitutions when the employee is availing their leave of absence. Leave encashment is very appealing to those looking to make some extra cash.

Communicate Your Attendance Expectations

Having an attendance policy and making all the efforts mentioned above are not enough unless your employees are aware of your expectations in this regard. So, make sure that you have conveyed your hopes in this regard to everyone in the organization.

In Conclusion

Not all these tips to improve employee attendance and keep them motivated are easy to plan and implement unless you have a digital attendance system like Nock in place. This innovative attendance solution plays a critical role in logging and maintaining employee attendance records. It also generates detailed attendance reports that enable the management in discovering the underlying causes of excessive absenteeism.

Poor attendance, most of the time, is just an indication of a bigger problem and not the real cause. Moreover, this highly advanced system enables you to dig deeper and get concrete data on employee absenteeism, recurrent days of absence, unnamed leaves, etc. This data is then used as the basis for taking corrective measures, forming policies, and setting goals.

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