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6 Nov

Why having digital attendance system is mandatory - 10 Features

With the onset of the digital revolution, the global business landscape has become extremely unpredictable. As a result, increasing a business's bottom line has turned out to be tremendously challenging. Businesses – big and small – are therefore coming up with innovative ways to yield growth despite the challenges posed by an overly dynamic and competitive environment.

And switching to digital attendance tools is a counter-response to this dynamic business environment. It is an effort to monetize, one of the few, perhaps, the only static strength a business has – Time! These advanced time and attendance systems possess every feature required to turn your time into money. Their capabilities are not limited to logging employee arrivals and departures only. But also, extend to managing employee's time off, creating and allocating schedules, and preparing productivity reports.

In this blog, we shed light on top 10 features of these intelligent attendance tracking systems, such as Nock, that make it mandatory for a business.

1. Easy Installation

You can digitize your workforce in minutes as these smart systems are quick to install and easy to use with their user-friendly interface. Moreover, you do not require additional hardware to run these tools. They are also available across iOS & Android devices.

2. Arrival and Departure Time Tracking

This is the most basic yet most essential function of these intelligent time tracker tools i.e. automating the process of employee time tracking. They enable your workforce to clock in and clock out a number of times during the day, record lunchtime as well as other breaks.

3. Absence and Leave Data

A worthy attendance management system enables managers and employees to view data that highlights the slow season. This way they can plan their time off without compromising on productivity. Employees can even use it to apply for time off in advance, giving the managers a window to see if granting time off in that particular period is a possibility or not.

4. Employee Management

The information-gathering capabilities of such systems are remarkable. Compile all your employee information in one place that is conveniently accessible through your smartphone and simultaneously visible to all members of a team. You can also generate employee profiles and IDs, add notes, store important employee documents, and assign tasks using these innovative solutions. Moreover, your data is synced in real-time so you can conveniently switch devices.

5. Overtime Management and Tardiness

Reinforce work policies using these attendance management tools by keeping close tabs on employee behaviors. You can also spot if an employee is developing a pattern of late arrival or early departure and provide them feedback accordingly. Moreover, you can also detect if an employee is unnecessarily extending the duration of a task to charge overtime.

6. Business Intelligence and Reporting

These systems generate AI-enabled actionable reports. Such reports are extremely helpful in identifying employees who always arrive at work on time, efficiently perform their duties, etc. They act as a platform that evaluates your organization's overall performance and aid in future decision making. Moreover, these image-based reports are easy to interpret and share across different members of the organization.

7. Promote Flexibility

These tools are making remote and mobile work a possibility with their hassle-free time tracking feature for remote employees. They enable location-specific logins. And also monitor the website and other app usages in addition to tracking the time spent away from the computer.

8. Real-Time Dashboard

Use your smartphone to instantly find out the whereabouts of your team. It is a great tool for managers to plan their team activities, tasks and view the performance of each team member. This dashboard acts as an interactive tool enabling managers to manage everyone from a single location, create teams, setup hierarchy, and define reporting structure.

9. Effortless Integrations

These smart time and attendance tools can be easily integrated with other enterprise management tools such as accounting and payroll, etc. Creating an all-in-one and comprehensive platform for managing your entire organization.

10. 100% Reliability Guaranteed

Not only are these systems extremely accurate and they leave no room for errors. They also record data up to the last second so you have a clear picture of employee attendance. Moreover, with old and paper-based systems there are chances of errors and omissions, which makes your organization vulnerable to legal actions.

In Conclusion

Beat your competition with Nock. The advanced technology of this digital time and attendance systems makes it easy for businesses to create a more efficient workforce. However, the best part remains its ability to seamlessly integrate with other organizational functions. This way routine tasks are digitized and business owners can focus their time and energies on developing strategies to grow their business. Not to mention the immense strategic importance of the trends, insights, and reports that can be created using this intelligent digital attendance tool.

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